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More information about where the "Quantum Domain" market is headed

BOTTOM LINE FOR CEO's:  If you want your company and/or website to be taken seriously by customers or potential investors, then it really helps if the first thing they see is that you acquired a really effective/hot domain name.  After all, if you can carry out THAT hugely important task, then you can probably handle the even greater challenges of coming up with great services, products, and profits.  

Before you go about selecting your preferred name(s), here is an brief analysis of the Quantum industry/market, and why you have just stumbled into what is IMHO destined to become the hottest technology (and domain  name market) ever.

The "Quantum Market" (so to speak) has been around since 1980, but only recently has the money begun pouring in for startups, as well as for research efforts at corporations (e.g., IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel) and academic institutions -- and Governments.  That's because certain technological challenges have begun to be overcome (such as near-zero cooling), and the immediate NEED has become glaringly evident.

Dramatic recent advances in the manufacturing and programming of Quantum Computers are making this the hottest new sector in technology, which it may continue to be for decades to come as applications never before dreamed of are discovered.

Research dollars (billions) are ALREADY flooding the market, with governments, the military,  academia, and  corporations like IBM and Google participating. There are critical  national and international security concerns driving this interest and investment, as well as profit -- AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.  All of which bodes well for the "Quantum Domain Name Market" -- as has been evident with the pace of such registrations in 2017-18.

Even though the concept is still in the early stages development, there ARE applications needed NOW.  For instance, one of the promises of the new Quantum Age is that old-style encryption codes can be broken into within a few seconds or minutes, instead of the current millions of years.  That means someone needs to begin offering unbreakable systems NOW, or else all your current or long-forgotten encrypted files stored on servers or hard /flash drives will be totally vulnerable within months or years -- by hackers, or by governments, both foreign and domestic!   Research on many other Quantum Computer related applications will be needed including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Molecular Modeling, Financial Modeling, Weather Forecasting, and Particle Physics.

VANITY NAMES??   Many "Quantum related names" have nothing to do with Quantum Physics.  The very word "Quantum" has come to imply Magic, Mystery, and Majesty.  You can find many businesses which chose this term, and it must have been for a good business reason. After all, the premier Quantum domain name -- "Quantum.com" -- is used by a company that deals with "Video and Rich Media Workflows", not with Quantum Theory. And everyone's heard of the very successful Quantum Fund.  Maybe you'd like to take a spin in your electric "Quantum Model SX" today (I just made that up).  Or stay at the beautiful Quantum Resorts in Florida (I just made that up, too).  Buy the right name, and you can make your own... car, resort, pillow, rocket, bank, and so much more. 

One of the most cost-effective ways to stake out your ground in the new age is to buy an attractive and easily remembered Domain name -- before your current or future competitors do.  Pay a little NOW, and such a powerful and appealing name(s) could reward you many fold over in the years to come, by attracting business (and funding, if you are a startup company).  You may even find a Domain Name here that you would like to use as the name of your company (or subsidiary).  Some of these names have never before existed.



       Most companies want their website name to be the same as the company name/brand, and will pay dearly for that privilege.  On the other hand, a dot-com company might prefer to create or buy the DN first, and then use that as the brand name for the company. So, consider what type of name should you choose, for your Brand/Domain:
        The domain name describes the company's products and/or services:  If you are marketing a new quantum computer service that accurately predicts weather, you might want to register "QC-Weather.com".  This type of name will be very helpful for a startup seeking to attract new customers:  it serves both as an advertisement platform for the company's specific product or service, and as a way to remind customers how they may get in contact.

        The idea is to make it easy for customers to remember and type out a site.  That means, the fewershorter, and more familiar the words, the better.  

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